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Returns Management Services

DEX's leading returns management program assists our clients in realizing lower costs and greater returns on investments for all their returns programs.

We are experts in all processes associated with returning or receiving damaged, defective, recalled, and consumer-remorse returned products. DEX's returns management solution, which includes returns processing, reverse logistics, gate keeping, and avoidance, extends into post-delivery customer support. DEX's program managers constantly interface with clients to make sure the program is running smoothly.

Each returned product goes through comprehensive recertification testing, inspection, and processing. Based on the client's specifications, this triage process separates "good" product, which is rapidly returned to inventory, from the product in need of repair or further evaluation. Following the specifications set by individual clients during the implementation stage, used or overstocked products are moved quickly and efficiently back into the process, then returned to stock, returned to vendors, sold “as is,” or liquidated to maximize revenue recovery.

DEX’s returns processing systems include cross-docking technology, carousels, sorters, and conveyors that are tightly integrated with DEX’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. Transaction-related information such as original source, shipped-to information, reason for return, value of the returned item, failure analysis, and credit refunded is tracked from start to finish. Our automated returns management software streamlines the processes to maximize warranty recoveries and improve inventory management.